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Kangarui X My Bungu Box

Kangarui X My Bungu Box collaboration

This was the first box to feature a Japan-related artist which is what I was working towards from the beginning.

I'm not a particularly creative person, but I am totally chuffed to be surrounded by so many creative people here in Tokyo and I wanted to do something with them. I wanted to show off their amazing talents to the world through the medium of my passion, stationery! 

I had the pleasure of meeting the super talented Rui Yamashita, aka Kangarui, at a calligraphy class in early 2016 and was instantly drawn to her bright, bold, African-style textiles and prints.

It was impossible to choose between all of Rui's designs so we ended up doing two products together, and featured one which she had already made. 

Kangarui box contents
Read more about Kangarui founder, Rui, here

Here's what was included:

  • Kangarui washi tape — totally exclusive to My Bungu Box and not to be found anywhere else in the world!

  • Limited edition Kangarui postcards — a set of 4 prints

  • Kangarui pencil case

  • Kitta sticky markers — feeds my obsession of geometric patterns

  • Red and blue cherry blossom pencils — given to school kids to wish them luck for their exams. I could only get a limited supply of these so I ended up replacing it with a shaker style mechanical pencil for the last few boxes

  • Lucky gold eraser — similar to the first box's lucky gold pencil in that they are given to school kids to wish them luck for their exams. This particular one is known for its excellent quality and looks pretty lux!

  • Life Inc. notebook — world-famous for its high-quality paper and bindings. I really like the old-school feel to this one with its red-lined paper

  • Frixion stamp — you know the pens but did you know they also do erasable stamps? Perfect for decorating your diary and notes

custom made washi tape
Exclusive custom-made washi tape. Love that the hippo looks like it's going to bite the other's ass!

gold eraser
'Lucky' gold-wrapped eraser

life stationery notebook, frixion erasable stamp, kitta sticky markers
Additional popular items included in the box

Disasters (a real one this time)

One is probably just a bit more serious than the other... First up, I received the wrong size of box on the day I was supposed to have all the packing completed.

The second...well, to put it mildly...I WAS HOSPITALISED FOR TWO WEEKS. Yep. I haven't really talked about this publicly at all, and I'll spare you the details, but safe to say it was life-changing (anyone got a spare kidney they don't need?). 


  1. Remember when I said your friends are some of the most valuable people in your life? Well, that couldn't have been truer for me than in April 2017 when I was rushed off to hospital unexpectedly. You need a friend who is going to give you the right amount of support and humour required to make a hospital stay in a foreign country go well. You also need your friends to wait for the correct package deliveries, speak to suppliers in Japanese when yours isn't good enough (and doctors for that matter), pack boxes, and help you fulfil orders while you are lying helpless in a bed wondering what you are doing with your life. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Ever.

  2. Oh, and if you're certain you placed the right order for something, double-check the details in case your supplier sends you the wrong stuff and if you're in the right, make sure they cover the extra delivery charges for the correct order!

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