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Meet the Artist: Erica Ward

Erica Ward

Born in California, based in Tokyo, Erica Ward is an artist and illustrator who has been living in Japan for eight years.

I first caught sight of Erica’s artwork through a mutual friend who shared one of her pieces on her Facebook page. I was instantly captivated by the detail, Japanese but with a surrealist twist using watercolours that made the drawings almost dream-like.

Erica’s work is largely influenced by her surroundings: Cityscapes, kimono patterns, and seasonal imagery appear often in her designs, which blend modern and traditional Japan, creating a world that is both and neither. Truly beautiful, and fascinating.

The 2017 Autumn/Winter Bungu Box featured a couple of Erica’s items. 

Random facts:

  1. While living in Northern Japan, Erica had a two year stint playing on a local Curling team!

  2. She loves the Japanese language and is particularly interested in “kuzushimoji” (that Japanese writing that just looks like squiggles on old paintings and texts at museums)

Lose yourself in Erica’s artwork here, here, and here. Just look at that detail!

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