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Meet the Artist: Kathrin Kecht

Kathrin Kecht

Kathrin 'kat' eyes' Kecht was new to the creative scene in Tokyo (she's now based in Munich after several years living in Sapporo and Tokyo). Perhaps you noticed the illustration she did for my About page? With a background in language studies and art, she started out as a translator/interpreter, and writer before adding web and graphic design, illustration, and photography to her skill set. So you could say she’s been just a little bit busy over the last year!

Now she’s back in business with My Bungu Box, designing a wonderful new pattern for the boxes’ packaging paper. I love the simple design, featuring different symbols that I love or are meaningful to me. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do.

Random facts: 

  1. Kathrin likes puns, which earned her the nickname “Punda🐼”. She even published a book about Japanese puns and wordplay!

  2. Kathrin has a 2nd Dan in Taekwondo (so be sure to laugh at her puns...) 

If you want to stalk Kathrin a little bit more, check out her website

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