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Meet the Artist: Rui Yamashita


Bright, bold, and completely desirable — not only is that how I would describe designer Rui herself, but also her brand, Kangarui. Born in Japan and raised in Kenya, Rui’s designs reflect her life experiences. Her designs are beautiful, filled with bright colours and prints of animals found in East Africa, spreading her love of safari around the world.

I’m so honoured that Rui is collaborating with My Bungu Box to bring some of that brightness to the Spring 2017 box. 

Random facts:

  1. Rui loves to twirl her head around wherever she goes and records it on tumblr

  2. The name 'Kangarui' sounds a bit like Kangaroo, but it’s actually a combination of Kanga (or Khanga, a traditional textile from Kenya, often used as headscarves and sarongs) and her first name, Rui: Kanga-Rui

Rui’s designs are currently sold at Urban Outfitters, Target, BHG, Houzz, and many other stores worldwide, but you can enjoy lusting after Rui’s products here

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