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Meet the Artist: Vivi (Misato Iijima)

Japanese designer Vivi by Misato

Vivi was born in Japan but spent most of her adult life in America. She moved back in 2014 and now lives in Tokyo. I met Vivi on the day that I arrived here, exactly 1-week after she moved back. We’ve been friends ever since, sharing a common thread in finding our feet in this big city.

Vivi is a multi-faceted designer, creator, and crafter. She’s been working hard on building up her own business, by Misato. I can genuinely say that I’ve not seen anyone work as hard first-hand. Vivi takes such great care and attention in everything she touches. I admire her work-ethic a lot and can certainly say that I could do with learning a few lessons from her!

One day you’ll find her working as an interior designer for a small Tokyo apartment, another day she’ll be designing custom-made wedding rings. She was formally trained as a jewellery maker and designer but her interests grew beyond that and she has since worked in a variety of media: window displays, design and production, event decor design and styling, interior design, and much more.

Even with all of these skills Vivi is constantly expanding her knowledge, skills and creativity. Her goal as a designer is to create designs that are not only visually appealing, but also has purpose or meaning behind it.

Random facts:

  1. Vivi is extremely passionate about food. So much so that she married a chef!

  2. Misato  is her given name. The two kanji (Chinese characters) used to make up her name mean beauty and wisdom. Vivi is the pronunciation of the "beauty" character repeated twice

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