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New Year Sale Box

A mix of Japanese stationery

I knew there were fellow stationery addicts worldwide, but I wasn't really thinking I would sell more than 10 at this point. In fact, I was excited about selling half of that and thought I would gift the rest to friends, patting myself on the back for at least trying, and that would be the end of that... however, it didn't quite work out that way. 

This first ten sold out in a day, and I soon received emails to ask if I could do custom orders, and when subscriptions would be re-open. 

I really enjoyed making the first box, so to satisfy these new enquiring customers, I decided to create a special one-off New Year box that would contain a bunch of random items at a slightly lower price to tie in with the 'tradition' of New Year sales. 

“Fukubukuro” is a New Year’s custom here in Japan that means lucky or mystery bag. Many retailers make grab bags filled with random, surprise items. Sometimes the contents vary from bag to bag. This box was created in a similar vein.

One thing I could guarantee that customers would definitely receive in their surprise box was lots of my favourite stationery product — washi tape. There were also some pencils, Frixion eraser coloured pens, roll note tape, and mini notebooks. Every box was different so there were slight variations in each of them. 

A happy customer with their New Year box👆🏽!

Disasters (in the grand scheme of things, not really)

I thought it would be a nice touch to individually wrap some of the items with some lovely patterned thin tissue wrap, so I went nuts and got into the groove of wrapping lots of stuff until there was a pretty decent pile. I took lots of photos because the patterns looked great all piled together...and then I soon realised that I didn't know what anything was. Some of the mini-notebooks were the same size and weight of sticky notepads and other products. 


  1. Organise your stuff

  2. Label it

  3. Chill out with the 'bright ideas'

Thanks to everyone for their queries after Christmas 2016. You inspired me to carry on in 2017!  

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