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Midori Colorful Letter Set
Midori Colorful Envelope
Midori Colorful Envelope Vertical
Midori Colorful Letters Writing Paper and Envelopes

Midori Colourful Letter Set

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A colourful set of envelopes in different sizes and top-quality, smooth writing paper (with a line guide to help you write in straight lines) from stationery giants, Midori. This pack also a set of instructions on how to fold the paper for each of the envelope sizes. Inside you'll find:

  • 20 sheets of letter-writing paper
  • 10 envelopes, 5 designs (2 per size/style)
  • Line guide to help you write in a straight line. Vertical lines on one side, horizontal on the other


PERSONAL STORY: Writing letters was a huge part of my life when I was young. I would spend ages decorating them, cutting out pictures from Smash Hits magazine (UK, old person reference 😀) and sticking them on the paper and envelopes to send to my long-time family friend via my dad. I don't write them so often now, but I try to make an effort every now and again. I feel very nostalgic when I see letter-writing sets. That's why I wanted to include them in the shop!