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Pentel sign touch brush pens
Pentel Touch Sign Brush Pens

Pentel Touch Sign Brush Pens

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A pack of 6 new colours from stationery giants, Pentel.

These water-based brush pens are perfect for beginners and experienced brush letterers alike.

The tip allows you to press firmly for those thick downstrokes, and a fine tip makes it easier to get pencil-thin upstrokes. You can also rub the tips together to create an ombre effect or mix with water to create a softer, watercolour effect.  

Colours include: Blue Black, Olive Green, Turquoise Blue, Burgundy, Pale Pink, Light Grey.


PERSONAL STORY: I started practising brush lettering after watching a tutorial on YouTube. I try and do a little something every day, but not going to lie, it's hard to keep up! When I did start, this was the first brand I bought. I liked the size and noticed that my calligraphy teacher, the talented Letterboy, kept the black one in his pocket, ready to whip out for some random practice. I keep one in my pencil case to remind me to practice and the rest at home for when I want to use more colours.