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Kuv Ahmad

I'm a Tokyo-based Scot obsessed with good design, geometric patterns and collecting great stationery products.

My addiction started in school when we had to cover our textbooks and jotters (for U.S readers, a jotter is kind of like a composition book, quite a bit different in style though). I used to spend ages picking out paper, cutting it, folding it and sticking it neatly into place. I had no less than 8 pens and pencils in my pencil case and I would always replenish them if, god forbid, one got lost or I loaned it to someone and they didn't return it, or even worse, if I saw them stick it in their mouth (ewww, it's not yours so why would you do that? Why?!). 

Fast forward (quite) a few years on... I came to Tokyo. Imagine my delight when I discovered that Japan is a stationery mecca! Cue, wide crazy eyes and manic spending sprees. When I visit a stationery shop I will stand for hours looking at pens, notebooks, sticky tape, testing the ink, feeling the paper, looking at all the designs. From clothbound journals to a simple paper pad, I still love it all.

making stationery compositions

One day I inadvertently started a washi tape (masking tape) collection because I just couldn’t decide which ones I liked best. What if I needed a pattern instead of a plain one? Just to be safe I bought them all. Recently I’ve started practicing brush lettering and calligraphy so I had to buy all the materials for that…then I found out about the Frixion erasable pens, pencils and stamps which I had to try out…and then of course I had to buy extra stickers and seals to go with my new year's schedule…you get the drift.

Japanese stationery is on another level and I am hopelessly addicted. I wanted to share this passion of mine with you. Each Bungu Box contains my personal recommendation of stationery products.

Some of the boxes contain an element of collaboration with some really talented Japan-related artists and designers. I hope you enjoy collecting the boxes as much as I enjoy making them.